Wildlife Awareness Campaign


Paws For Earth is a sister brand under WWF which they have set up as a brand solely focused on fund raising for WWF’s campaigns and projects. There are many fund raising events that are held but people need a fund raising day that they can get fully involved in and see that that are actually making a difference and amending the damage that has been done to our planet. Every year Paws For Earth will hold a fund raising day and will sell fund raising packages to the public and companies that want to help save our planets precious habitats and animals. The Fund Raising Guide includes projects that are on going showing the public what the money they raise is doing for the planet and its animals. Ideas of fund raising events to hold as well as ideas to improve the events. How to get sponsored and who to ask for sponsorship. Endangered animals that the funds are helping to secure a future for.

Fund Raising Kit Booklet

Paws for Earth Guidelines

The Problem With Tigers

Conserving Places


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