Pocket Earth ©

Pocket Earth© is a brand i created for a student project, which was stretched over two projects – one i created the journal, and in the second project the actual brand.

Pocket Earth© – Pocket Your World

Pocket Earth gives voice to the wildlife conservation values that are part of our world’s heritage. Our initiatives are charting a new course for wildlife that our children and grandchildren will thank us for.

Mission: To inspire kids to get in touch with their wild side and teach them about the worlds abundants of wildlife and wild places, helping them to learn how to respect and protect the natural world, it’s habitats and wildlife.

Vision: A world where people work together to protect and pass on an abundance of wildlife and wild places to future generations, protecting the natural wonders of our world.

Brand Position: We are one of the leading wildlife conservation organizations in the UK, with headquarters all over the world, and are the number one organization providing and teaching young people about their natural world.

Brand Promise: We will always strive to protect wildlife and it’s habitats, and to keep future generations informed of their natural world and how great the outdoors can really be.

Brand Personality and Values: We promise to always do the best we can to protect the earth’s habitats and it’s wildlife, and work with mother nature to achieve this.

Building Connections with Nature

Today’s children spend as much as six hours a day wired to electronic screens instead of playing outside. Pocket Earth is reversing this trend by fostering profound and personal connections between people and nature.

Our programs bring people closer to the natural world and give them experiences that last a lifetime, experiences that touch their hearts and build a sense of conservation stewardship.

Pocket Earth’s award-winning Explorers Wildlife Journal® introduces a new generation of readers to all things wild and to the wonder wildlife inspires in all of us.

Wildlife Is Our Middle Name

Wildlife’s ability to survive the challenges of the 21st century is being outpaced by the events that are transforming our world. Pocket Earth’s vision, is to restore the balance of nature and protect the world’s rich wildlife for our children’s future.

We are moving toward this vision by partnering with others to create and sustain our world wide conservation movement.

At our headquarters in the UK, our offices in many countries supporting our cause, located in their capital cities, and our field offices across the world, we are leading, along with others, the largest conservation movement to restore our earth’s wildlife.

Brand Logos

Pocket Earth© Guidelines

Pocket Earth Guidelines

Pocket Earth© Explorers Wildlife Journals

“Each Journal contains: 8 double sided pages with information and pictures of animals in a particular continent, with a sketch and notes page for each animal, plus 2 map pages containing a map of particular regions in that continent and the location of other animals in that region.

Journals also come with a free pencil and magnifying glass!”

North America Explorers Wildlife Journal Volume 1


United States

Africa Explorers Journal Volume 1


Eastern Africa

Asia Explorers Wildlife Journal Volume 1


Central Asia

Eastern Asia

Oceania Explorers Wildlife Journal Volume 1

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