‘Pandas Think With Their Stomachs’ deviantArt Competition Entry

A competition entry i designed for the Plans Gone Wrong contest on deviantArt.

Competition Explanation:
“You must use one each of the specific pandas, lights, and pies provided in the asset pack and create an image showing “plans gone wrong.” Your entry can originate in any medium! These are stock pictures. You can trace them, draw them, photomanipulate them, stack them, cook them or even collage them!”

Contest Article:
Official Rules:

Theme behind the design:
In the wild, Pandas love to eat so much that they choose to eat over reproducing (also they are very picky regarding mates) and this is causing them to become endangered. This, in my opinion, is an evolution ‘plan gone wrong’.

Images Used: One Panda, One Light, One Pie, and Vivid Bamboo

Click Here for full journey.


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