The AVALANCHE brand has been designed specifically to represent the extreme snowy environment that our products are designed and tested for.

It successfully communicates who we are:

• Extreme           • Adventurous

• Professional    • Determined

Avalanche Final Colour website

Avalanche Final Colour

Avalanche Full Name Final Colour website

Avalanche Full Name Final Colour

Avalanche is not only a brand, it is an identity that represents the determination, passion, and youthful energy of professional athletes.

It all started in 1968, when a group of extreme climbers and mountaineers became fed up and frustrated at the lack of decent boots suited for the snowy environment, and they decided to produce and sell their own.

Their first snow boots store went by the name of Avalanche Mountaineering, and gained a repution for selling the very best, top quality, high performance snow boots.

Avalanche Mountaineering was so successful they were able to open stores around the UK, and professional athletes started to buy their boots, and in turn the brand sponsored those athletes.

With this success, Avalanche Mountaineering was shortened to Avalanche giving the brand a unique identity.

And so began the Avalanche Brand.

AVALANCHE Basic Guidelines

Guidelines PDF


Guidelines Layout Guidelines Layout2 Guidelines Layout3 Guidelines Layout4 Guidelines Layout5 Guidelines Layout6 Guidelines Layout7 Guidelines Layout8 Guidelines Layout9 Guidelines Layout10 Guidelines Layout11 Guidelines Layout12 Guidelines Layout13 Guidelines Layout14 Guidelines Layout15 Guidelines Layout16


Mountain Brochure PDF

Brochure Layout Brochure Layout2 Brochure Layout3 Brochure Layout4 Brochure Layout5 Brochure Layout6 Brochure Layout7 Brochure Layout8


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