A Wonderful Land

‘A Wonderful Land’ Student Graphic Design Project

Project: Power Of The Word

Brief: Chose two films from the list or from your own choice, pick a piece of dialogue from both films, and create one typographical piece of work for both films, representing the quote and the feel/atmosphere/emotions in that scene.

Film Chosen: Zulu Dawn (1979)

Film Overview: In 1879, the British suffer a great loss at the Battle of Isandlwana due to incompetent leadership. Despite the defeat, the Zulus are first humiliated at Roark’s Drift and then crushed at the Battle of Ulundi.

Zulu Dawn Typographical Poster:

Overall represents the clash of cultures.

background – cardboard
blood – created using red ink
typography – acetoned onto the cardboard

the red ink represents the blood spilt in the war on both sides

the brown cardboard represents the hard, wild, living-off-the-land nature of the zulu. This can also be seen in the typography as it looks worn and damaged.

the shape of the typography represents the buffalo river that the British crossed to invade Zulu land, and so is a very important feature in the film and history.
It is in Times New Roman font to represent the posh, high class, proudness, and ignorance, of the British.

The quote reads: “This is a wonderful land, we are privileged to share. Dear God, There should be room for all of us.” spoken by Colenso

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